Volunteers needed for heat-mapping effort

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Participants can earn up to $90 to help reveal which neighborhoods are hottest in the valley

Does it ever seem like it’s hotter in your neighborhood than others? This summer, a community-led project will help determine if that’s actually the case.

The Southern Nevada Heat Mapping Campaign will identify urban heat islands across the valley, revealing which neighborhoods experience hotter temperatures.


Heat islands are urbanized areas that experience higher temperatures largely due to their built environment. Buildings, roads and other infrastructure absorb and re-emit the sun’s heat more than natural landscapes, causing these areas to become “islands” of higher temperatures.

The RTC of Southern Nevada and its project partners are currently looking for volunteers to participate in the campaign, which entails volunteer teams driving pre-mapped routes with a temperature sensor mounted to their car on a hot day later this summer.

The sensor will capture temperature and humidity data that will be used to develop maps that visualize the distribution of heat across the region.

To compensate volunteers for their time and cover the cost of gas they’ll use during the campaign, VISA gift cards and other cool giveaways – like sunshades and desktop fans— will be offered. Volunteers will have the opportunity to earn up to $90 in gift cards for their time.

Click here to register to volunteer.


Volunteers can earn up to $90 in gift cards for their time.

“Southern Nevada has one of the hottest and fastest-warming climates in the U.S.,” David Swallow, RTC deputy CEO said. “This heat mapping project will provide important insight into how our neighborhoods experience heat, and will be used to help inform future policies and projects aimed at mitigating heat islands and lowering the risk of heat stress to our community.”

Project organizers are targeting Saturday, August 6 to run the campaign. However, because certain weather conditions need to be met to run a successful campaign, the campaign day likely won’t be confirmed until 7-10 days prior. Project organizers are working with the local National Weather Service office for up-to-date forecasts.

A volunteer mounts a temperature sensor to a vehicle. Sensors mount over the passenger-side window. 

Because the exact date is not known at this time, the project team is assembling an “on-call” roster of volunteers. Participation will be confirmed approximately 7-10 days prior to the campaign date.

For additional information about the project and volunteer opportunities, visit www.rtcsnv.com/heatmap.

The Southern Nevada Heat Mapping Campaign is made possible through support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Southern Nevada was one of 14 locations selected by NOAA to participate in its 2022 heat island mapping campaign.

Local project partners include Clark County’s Department of Environment & Sustainability, UNLV School of Public Health, and Get Outdoors Nevada, a local nonprofit organization that will be managing campaign volunteers.

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