Transit Happy Hour Special: $1 RTC-OnDemand rides

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If you thought that happy hour and transit didn’t go together, then you’re in luck because RTC-OnDemand is serving some sweet deals this summer!

To promote riding during off-peak hours, customers who get picked up with RTC-OnDemand between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., daily can score 50 percent off their ride. That means $1 to go from Mountain’s Edge to the M Resort. That means you can get to that early happy hour date with transit happy hour.

The offer is valid until September 5 but you’ll need the promo code below:


RTC-OnDemand is a microtransit service in the southwest and West Henderson part of the valley. You can hail a ride from the app 30 minutes before or up to seven days in advance.

To learn more about RTC-OnDemand and check out exclusive discounts from local businesses in the service area, visit:

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