Southern Nevada Traffic Management Center keeps traffic flowing safely and efficiently

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If you were in or around the Strip or the Las Vegas Convention Center this week, you likely noticed all the additional traffic because our city hosted a little-known event called the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). And while it may have been busy, it could have been a lot worse if not for the efforts of Southern Nevada’s Traffic Management Center (TMC).

The TMC is a collaborative effort among the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, (RTC), Nevada Department of Transportation and Nevada Highway Patrol to keep traffic flowing as smoothly as possible on the region’s freeway and road networks.

Along I-15, I-215, U.S. 95 and major inter-city roadways, the TMC operates a range of equipment to enable efficient coordination: 650 cameras, 548 freeway flow detectors, 70 ramp meters, 1,480 traffic signals. The TMC also provides information to the public about travel time estimates, emergency notifications and safety messages through 120 dynamic message signs and 16 travel time signs. Throughout the valley, the center manages more than 800 miles of fiber optic cables that connect these technologies.

The TMC is most concerned about your safety and the safety of all those on the road – motorists, transit riders, cyclists and pedestrians. The technicians work to ensure there is enough green time for drivers to cycle through a light and for pedestrians to cross the street comfortably.

Beyond the day-to-day traffic, the RTC also works hand-in-hand with NDOT and NHP during major events like Vegas Golden Knights games, the Strip shutdown on New Year’s Eve, and conventions like CES that saw more than 170,000 attendees this week. Our team of engineers and technicians anticipate the change in traffic patterns and volumes and coordinate signals to account for the additional traffic flow – all with the goal of enhancing safety, reducing congestion and increasing capacity.

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