Small Business Expo & Luncheon highlights the importance of a clean energy economy

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The Latin Chamber of Commerce teams up with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) to engage small businesses in learning how to build clean energy infrastructure during a National Infrastructure Week event.

“Clean energy is the future. Small businesses need to be a part of it,” said Peter Guzman, Latin Chamber of Commerce President. “It’s smart to get on board now. Start learning. Educate yourself on what’s coming in the future.”

A small business expo at Suncoast Hotel and Casino welcomed more than 25 vendors from across Southern Nevada, creating opportunities for new clean energy business ventures. “It’s a wonderful thing that Latin Chamber put together with RTC. As a small business owner we’re always very grateful when others put together a group for either training, education or to get small businesses together,” said Diane Hale, Best in the West Safety CEO. “We’ve already received four potential new clients that we didn’t know existed.”

During a roundtable discussion, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Staff Engineer, Joe Perreira, offered important information regarding the Nevada Diesel Emission Mitigation Fund. “It’s an annual competitive application process where public and private fleets submit proposals to us based on a number of factors: project location, air quality benefits,” said Perreira. Last year, the fund awarded more than $6.5 million to projects across Nevada.

A luncheon concluded the event. Clean energy experts and proponents gathered for a panel discussion on a clean energy economy. “Nevada is one of those places where there’s been a real leadership role happening when it comes to the role of energy as an economic development opportunity,” said Ray Fakhoury, Advanced Energy Economy Principal and panelist. “What we want to do is we want to champion those folks that are really taking this conversation to the next level and we think that Nevada is the place to do that.”

Other panelist included Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones, NV Energy EVP of Business Development and External Relations Tony F. Sanchez III and RTC Chief Engineering and Technology Officer David Swallow. E-centricity Principal Marie Steele served as moderator.

“This is a great closing event for National Infrastructure Week,” said Swallow. “It’s also National Bike to Work Day so I encourage everybody to get out there on the bicycles.” Since launching two years ago, RTC Bike Share has helped reduce more than 150,000 pounds of emissions. To learn more visit

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