Sharing the transit tea: How to stay in the know about transit intel

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Pssst….looking for the inside transit scoop? Itching to know the latest transit talk? Honey, you’ve pulled up to the right stop.

Our Data Dashboard makes you privy to all of the transit intel. Curious to know how many people are using our service? Data Dashboard. Want to know how much revenue we’re pulling in? Data Dashboard. Traffic trends? You guessed it! Data Dashboard.

We created this online feature to be transparent with you about how the pandemic is affecting our transit service. We want you to know! That’s why the Data Dashboard shows a comparison of some of the most current data to that before the pandemic. You can track ridership numbers, vehicle on-time performance data, vehicle capacity updates and more.

This isn’t a one and done thing, either. Several departments are working together to update the online feature regularly as new information is available. See for yourself though! CLICK HERE to view the new data dashboard feature.

One more thing to mention: the Data Dashboard is part of our 14-Point Safety Plan that details what we’ve been doing during the pandemic to keep you safe and informed. CLICK HERE to view the complete document.

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