RTC to study sustainable, equitable transit and mobility infrastructure development

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Thanks to the support of our federal delegation, the RTC is receiving a $630,000 grant to study the development of sustainable, equitable transit and mobility infrastructure in a 31-square-mile area that encompasses historically disadvantaged communities.

From the study, the Equitable Access to Mobility Action Plan will identity:

  • locations for neighborhood mobility hubs, which bring together different modes of transportation and mobility options like RTC transit, on-demand services, bike share, and car share, in addition to promoting community and economic development opportunities;
  • improvements to transit amenities such as better-designed transit stops and shelters that provide additional seating, safety features, and shade; and
  • complete street improvements, such as wider sidewalks, dedicated bus/bike lanes, safer crosswalks, shade and native landscaping.

The Plan will also include conceptual design options, quantitative benefits to the community, and implementation strategies that follow equity and social justice foundational practices.

The Federal Transit Administration’s Areas of Persistent Poverty program provides competitive funding for planning studies or financial plans to improve transit services in areas experiencing long-term economic hardship. The study area encompasses downtown Las Vegas, the Historic Westside, East Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas and has an estimated population of more than 220,000 residents.

In recent years, the RTC has identified possible solutions to address challenges and help build momentum for implementation within the Plan study area, including the Southern Nevada HOPE Grant Study, the Southern Nevada Extreme Heat Vulnerability Analysis, and the Southern Nevada Urban Heat Island Mapping Campaign.

The Equitable Access to Mobility Action Plan provides the RTC with an opportunity to implement the strategies identified in these previous studies, assisting areas of the region that experience greater levels of extreme heat and are home to some of the region's most vulnerable populations.

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