RTC ranks number one for most cost-efficient bus-only system

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The RTC has been recognized many times for its responsible use of taxpayer funds. But this year, as everyone across the globe is facing health and financial challenges, it is even more gratifying to know that we are making the most of our community’s valuable resources to keep people moving.

The National Transit Database, or NTD, publishes annual transit system statistics that include fare revenue, operating costs, ridership and fare subsidy. Since 2012, the RTC has had the lowest cost per ride for seven of eight years, as well as the lowest taxpayer subsidy every year, among the top 50 bus-only systems nationwide.

This means that when compared to the NTD top 50 bus-only systems across the country, the RTC uses fewer tax dollars per transit ride and operates at an overall lower cost per trip than any other agency. In fiscal year 2019, the RTC provided more than 65 million trips at a cost of $2.74 per ride. In comparison, the second most cost efficient system, San Francisco MUNI, operated their bus system at $3.19 per ride.

We recognize the great responsibility that is ours as stewards of public dollars, and we remain committed to providing public transportation to our community as efficiently as possible.

For more information about the NTD and detailed reporting, visit https://www.transit.dot.gov/ntd.

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