RTC gets lit… to promote transit safety

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The RTC is getting lit! More specifically though, it’s our bus stops that are getting lit. That’s because just in time for the end of Daylight Saving Time, we’ve added more lighting to enhance safety for our riders.

You said you didn’t feel safe because some of the stops were too dark. You said bus stops needed more lighting. We heard you loud and clear, and we took action. The latest improvements include the installation and upgrade of lighting at nearly 1,400 bus stops throughout the valley. Crews are working on two projects to install new lighting equipment:

  • Project 1: Nearly 1,100 bus shelters are getting a robust lighting system installed.
  • Project 2: Standalone solar lighting systems are being installed at 300 other bus stops.

And guess what? The majority of the work is already done. This means when it starts getting darker earlier because of the upcoming time change, you’ll have more bus stops with better lighting.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is weighing in on the upgrades. Watch the video below to hear what LVMPD has to say about the RTC’s new lighting efforts to keep you safe.

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