RiSE Synergy Sessions provide opportunity to Local Small and Diverse Businesses

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Local general contractors and subcontractors rose up to the opportunity last week to connect, communicate and collaborate during the RTC’s first RiSE Synergy Sessions. Thanks to the Nevada Contractors Association for helping making this event a success!

In an effort to help expand opportunities for Southern Nevada’s local small and diverse business community, nearly 30 agencies came together for individual meet-and-greet sessions.  Prime contractors were paired with subcontractors who met specific contracting needs for current and future opportunities.  Throughout the event, participants joined in more than 50 one-on-one sessions.

While this was just the first step in the journey for many, some subcontractors shared their success with immediate contracting opportunities as a result of the event.

Want to participate in more opportunities like these?  It’s simple.  Just visit rtcsnv.com/RiSE and get RiSE certified today!


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