Ride On, CCSD students!

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Taking public transit to and from school could be the easiest thing students do all day.

The RTC and Clark County School District (CCSD) have come together to launch the RTC Ride On program, providing select students at 15 high schools with an option to ride RTC transit to and from school free of charge.

Riding public transit is an easy, safe and reliable way to get students to school, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs and everyday activities like dining and shopping. They can relax, read, listen to music, and catch up on homework while leaving the driving to the experts.

Students participating in the Ride On program who live within one mile of a designated RTC transit route will have a direct line to their school without a bus transfer but may have multiple stops along the way. In working with CCSD, we are also using our new RTC-OnDemand pilot to serve two schools in the southwest area that provides students with safe and reliable door-to-school service.

Participating schools include:

Residential Service

  • Bonanza HS
  • Chaparral HS
  • Cheyenne HS
  • Cimarron HS
  • Clark HS
  • Del Sol HS
  • Durango HS
  • Green Valley HS
  • Las Vegas HS
  • Spring Valley HS
  • Sunrise Mountain HS
  • Valley HS
  • Western HS

RTC-OnDemand Service

  • Desert Oasis HS
  • Liberty HS

Through this program, a new generation of riders can experience public transit as an affordable, reliable and safe mode of transportation.

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