Rare physical disability doesn’t stop man from using public transit

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If you’re looking to be inspired, look no further. We want to introduce you to Raymond Fletcher, a man born with Roberts syndrome, an abnormality of the limbs. The genetic disorder is so rare, there are only 150 known cases in the world.

Nevertheless, Raymond lives a normal life. He’s independent and doesn’t hold back. “I live on my own. I do my own cooking and cleaning. I don’t want to rely on anyone,” said Raymond. He is paratransit certified but to get around, he chooses to use public transit and Tango, a ride-on-demand pilot program offered by the RTC.

Dedicated to advocating for people with disabilities, Raymond is a very active member of the community. “As a disability advocate, I enjoy living in a community where the city is connected. We’re a 24-hour town and so is the public transportation,” Raymond said.

He worked as a long-term substitute teacher and also consulted with CCSD to establish adaptive equipment for students with disabilities. Now, he owns Fletcher Consulting, a consulting company, and one of his main projects is helping to train new drivers on sensitivity awareness and how to interact with customers who need special accommodations.

Adding to his resume, Raymond also serves as a member of the RTC’s Transportation Access Advisory Committee (TAAC), which is a citizen’s advisory group that reviews and provides feedback on paratransit and transit related topics. “I really enjoy researching and learning. Once you stop learning, you stop living.”

Raymond also has the best “wing man.” He’s cute, furry, and very smart. Make sure to check back in on Thursday, February 6, to meet Hercules, Raymond’s service dog.

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