Pro tips for riding transit in 2023

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Whether you are a first-time customer or longtime regular, the start of a new year is a great opportunity to brush up on time-saving tips to create smoother, more enjoyable rides for all.

  1. rideRTC is your friend

The rideRTC app is the most convenient tool for planning your route and managing your transit pass. You can view the location of your bus as well as its estimated arrival time. Purchase a new pass, plan your next trip and more! The app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Less is more

The fewer items you carry, the easier it will be for you to move around the bus. When possible, consolidate your belongings into a single bag or two. Make sure to bring headphones if you’re planning to listen to tunes or enjoy a good audiobook onboard. If you have food or drink, keep it in the container until you deboard the bus.

  1. Watch your step

Our buses are designed with safety as the top priority. You can help keep yourself and other riders safe and comfortable by keeping the aisle in front of you clear, and remain behind the yellow line while the bus is moving. If you’re heading out on a shopping trip, you’re welcome to bring a small cart as long as it does not exceed 18” width x 18” length x 30” height. When boarding or deboarding, be aware of your surroundings, wait for the bus to make a complete stop and keep an eye out for potential tripping hazards.

  1. Pack your patience

Public transit is an enjoyable, economical, and eco-friendly way to travel. Like any form of transportation, you will sometimes experience delays. Our team of bus operators, mechanics, security officers and support staff work around the clock to ensure Southern Nevada’s transit system runs as efficiently and safely as possible. The operator of your bus is unable to control the biggest factors that contribute to delays, and fellow riders are – like you – trying to get to where they’re going. Treat everyone on the bus with kindness and respect and you’ll find it makes for a smoother ride!

Wherever you’re headed in the new year, transit can help you get there. From residential routes to the Deuce on the Strip and our Game Day Express for Golden Knights and Raiders games, the RTC is here to help connect you to what matters most. Visit our Passenger Code of Conduct page for a full list of transit rules. 

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