Pedestrian safety campaign to curb pedestrian deaths kicks off

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In Clark County, 41 pedestrians have been killed on valley roads this year alone. The ‘Dusk to Dawn Pedestrian Awareness’ campaign began to catch the public’s attention earlier this week as chalked silhouettes popped up around valley roads, representing the 89 lives lost from January 1, 2018 to June 2019, as well as two additional silhouettes in memory of the children of two mothers involved in the campaign.

As Daylight Saving comes to an end, multiple agencies are joining forces to educate about safety that can help prevent more fatalities and injuries at a time when pedestrians become more vulnerable with the longer darker days. To help pedestrians be visible at night, Vulnerable Road Users and Las Vegas Metro Police will be handing out retro-reflective bands and bags to transit riders, pedestrians, and cyclists.

“No matter how you travel, this reminder is critical, but especially to those on foot. Taking extra care to assure drivers see you can save your life,” said Erin Breen with Vulnerable Road Users Project.

Gathered outside UMC Trauma, the RTC joined law enforcement, safety advocates, and others to kick off the campaign aimed at educating road users about the importance of extra caution and reflective wear.

Also on display was another awareness tool for the campaign: artwork created by Cashman Middle School 8th grader Maggie White and Clark High School freshman Krymson Wiest. The artwork will be featured on bus shelters, inside RTC buses, on local television, and across social media channels.

“I wanted to inspire people in general to be safe when they’re crossing the street so accidents don’t happen as often and to make sure people are more safe when crossing,” Wiest said about what inspired her artwork.

White said that she “wanted to make something that really just showed how dangerous jaywalking can be and that you should use crosswalks.”

Campaign partners and sponsors include: LVMPD , RTC, Zero Fatalities, PBS, iHeartRadio, Vector Media, Kre8 Media, Cox Cable, NDOT, Community Ambulance, Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys, Sunrise Trauma, and Vulnerable Road Users Project.

Visit for more information on the “Dusk to Dawn Pedestrian Awareness” campaign.

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