Pain at the Pump? You have options through the RTC Club Ride program!

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Americans everywhere are feeling the pain of rising gasoline prices, which reached a national average of $4.07 a gallon on Monday. Here in Nevada, we’ve reached an average of $5.17 a gallon, which is the third-highest price in the country!

These increasingly high prices are leaving many to reconsider how they commute to work, grocery stores, appointments and more. We at the RTC understand the financial burden that the price increases can place on many in our community, and we would like to help ease that burden through the RTC Club Ride program.

Club Ride is a FREE, employer-based program that provides resources to people who are interested in trying different modes of transportation such as riding transit, carpooling, walking, bicycling and telecommuting. In an effort to improve air quality and decrease congestion, participants are rewarded for using different transportation modes other than driving alone in their car.

From now through April 30, to encourage commuters to travel by another way rather than driving alone, those who sign up for the RTC Club Ride program can receive free carpool match reports, 30 days of free RTC Bike Share or 14 days of free public transit, including RTC-OnDemand!
The Club Ride program also rewards its members with the chance to win hundreds of prizes each month, just by tracking trips! This month, Club Ride will be raffling off two $50 gas gift cards every week to help ease some pain at the pump.

If you think you’re ready to make the switch to a greener commute, join the club and save! Visit to sign up for the program and access all of these benefits and more.

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