Opportunities for local small and diverse businesses on the RiSE!

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Over the years, we have listened to our local small and diverse business community and we have taken action to develop RiSE (Resources, Involvement, Support & Education). It is a program that helps local small and diverse businesses:

  • Learn about economic opportunities
  • Gain access to resources and technical assistance
  • Be competitive in the bidding process
  • Increase exposure for contracting opportunities on RTC funded projects

Our board adopted a new resolution that identifies small and diverse business inclusion goals of 8-percent on construction and 2-percent on professional services on all RTC funded projects. And that is a really big deal for the local business community! Just how big? Let’s ask our experts:

Visit www.rtcsnv.com/rise today to learn more about how to qualify as a Local Small Business or Local Diverse Business, and apply to become RiSE certified today!

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