New technology for cleaning and safety measures on RTC vehicles coming late 2020

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During this challenging time, we are making strides to provide a safer, more enhanced transit experience because we understand that many people rely on our buses to get to and from different places throughout Southern Nevada. Over the past few months, we have been working on implementing numerous precautions, but we are also exploring new high-tech options that will change your transit experience.

The current safety measures include extensive actions such as disinfecting vehicles nightly, requiring face coverings and enabling social distancing efforts. We know more needs to be done, so we are seeking new, innovative methods to provide cutting-edge features that will enhance your safety. Here’s a look at the new features that we are hoping to put in place by the end of the year.

  • Air Ion Filters: New air ion filters will be installed on all RTC vehicles that will kill germs and viruses circulating in the air while our vehicles are on the road.
  • Passenger Counts: This feature will provide real-time passenger counts for buses. Riders will be able to access the information online and on the rideRTC app.
  • Sanitation Displays: We want you to ride with confidence knowing the bus has recently been cleaned. Sanitation information will soon be displayed on each vehicle to notify passengers about the last time it was disinfected.
  • Micro-bacterial Shields: The clear, odorless protective coating, will be applied to seats and high-touch surfaces of each vehicle purchased moving forward. The coating will kill viruses upon contact.

We are committed not only to improving the safety for you, but also being transparent with our data so you can make the best, most informed decisions. Check out our new online data dashboard to see how the pandemic is affecting our agency’s ridership, revenue, vehicle capacity, and more. You’ll be able to compare current data to that before the pandemic. CLICK HERE to view the new data dashboard feature.

Safety continues to be the highest priority for the RTC, and the pandemic has only magnified it for us. We will continue with our existing safety protocols and exploring options as new technology emerges.

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