Nevada’s Zero Fatalities Launches Statewide “Save Yourself” Campaign

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Guest written by Andrew Bennett, Zero Fatalities Program Manager

Zero Fatalities, a lifesaving program with the goal of achieving Zero on Nevada’s roadways, is kicking off its 10-Year Anniversary with the launch of “Save Yourself” – a multi-behavioral campaign with an emphasis on personal responsibility and self-preservation. By taking a new approach to traffic safety messaging, the “Save Yourself” campaign is asking Nevadans to do everything that is in their control – focusing on the road, stopping on red and walking smart – and save themselves, ultimately creating a domino effect in reducing Nevada’s traffic fatality numbers as a whole.

 The “Save Yourself” campaign will be implemented in phases throughout 2021, each focusing on a different set of driving behaviors. Phase one of “Save Yourself” will focus on Distracted Driving, Intersection Safety and Pedestrian Safety now through March.

Distracted Driving
In 2019, nine lives were claimed on Nevada’s roadways due to distracted driving. Distracted driving goes beyond using your phone and includes activities such as eating or drinking, interacting with other vehicle passengers, adjusting the radio or GPS systems or anything that poses a threat to all vulnerable road users. The Zero Fatalities  “Save Yourself” campaign is reminding drivers to eliminate distractions, pay attention and Focus on the Road in an effort to save themselves and others around them.

Intersection Safety
Intersection crashes represent 31.2% of Nevada’s total crashes, with 98 intersection fatalities recorded statewide in 2019. Unsafe driving behaviors like speeding and distracted driving have consistently proven to be fatal when involved in intersection crashes. The Zero Fatalities program implores drivers to slow down, look both ways before entering an intersection and always stop on red in order to Save Yourself.

Pedestrian Safety
In 2019, 62 pedestrian fatalities occurred statewide. Now, more than ever, we need to work together to continue to reverse the trend of pedestrian fatalities on Nevada’s roads. The decisions you make behind the wheel have a direct effect on the people around you. The Zero Fatalities program urges drivers to slow down, be aware of your surroundings and remember to watch out for each other.

The statewide campaign will be amplified through digital display ads, billboards, bus shelters, PSAs on streaming serves like YouTube and Hulu, and via social media content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  To learn more about the “Save Yourself” campaign and Zero Fatalities please visit


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