National Chamber of Commerce Day

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October 18 is National Chamber of Commerce Day, and the RTC is celebrating its partnership with these organizations that promote local business and employment opportunities for local residents, ultimately strengthening the economic vibrancy and diversity of our community.

Southern Nevada is fortunate to have so many Chambers of Commerce, each with a specific focus that promotes and protects the business interests of its members.

While some Chambers are regionally focused, such as the Vegas Chamber of Commerce and the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, others promote business growth for the specific populations. In Southern Nevada, this includes the Latin Chamber of Commerce, the Urban Chamber of Commerce, the Asian Chamber of Commerce, the Asian American Pacific Islander Chamber of Commerce, and the Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

Over the year, the RTC has worked closely with the local chambers on numerous projects, initiatives and issues. For example, without the support of the chambers and local business community, we would not have been able to extend fuel revenue indexing for another 10 years to fund roadway projects and maintenance. Since one of the RTC’s roles is to fund and coordinate roadway construction with a goal to ensure all businesses have equal opportunity to bid on jobs, our relationship with local Chambers helps connect minority businesses with these opportunities. 

Southern Nevada’s Chambers of Commerce also provide a great way to communicate with the business community and receive input on a variety of topics on which the RTC is focused, including transit, traffic management, roadway construction and regional planning.

So, hats off to Southern Nevada’s strong network of Chambers of Commerce!  They help to keep local businesses growing and thriving!

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