Love the cone!

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Love is in the air this February and RTC wants you to remember to keep calm and love the cone!

We know the sight of orange cones does not necessarily make your heart sing, but “the cone” represents more than just construction in Southern Nevada. It represents growth, progress, jobs and a bright future! And those are things we all can love.

Plus, as part of our effort to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety in and around road construction, the RTC is partnering with innovative companies like Nexar, iCone and HAAS Alert to help detect work zones in real-time and broadcast the locations to traffic engineers and the traveling public.

And if you love cones that much and are curious what type of cone you would be, take the BuzzFeed quiz now!

Did you catch the Love the Cone videos? Watch them here:

Love the Cone – Bragging Rights


Love the Cone – No Respect


Love the Cone – Scars


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