Lights, Camera, Action: New lights being installed across valley transit stops

2020-05-14T20:10:06-07:00| Categories: Blog| Tags: |

You told us, and we listened: You want to feel safer at bus stops, especially at night.

We’re leveraging $4 million in federal grant funding for a year-long project to add and upgrade lighting at nearly 1,100 shelters across the valley, as well as adding 300 freestanding solar lights at stops that currently do not have a shelter.

This will enable drivers, as well as transit operators to better see riders waiting at the stop as they approach it but also provide back lighting to the shelters so riders can see behind the stop at night.

You can see all we’ve done and what we’re working on to increase safety at our stops and on board our buses through our Lights, Camera, Action campaign. Watch the video to see our shelter lighting project in progress:

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