Las Vegas Aviators celebrate Hispanic culture with Reyes de Plata transformation

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The Las Vegas Aviators, our city’s professional baseball team, member of the Triple-A West League and affiliate of the Oakland Athletics, is one of several Minor League Baseball (MiLB) teams participating in Copa de la Diversión, MiLB’s celebration of Hispanic communities across the baseball landscape.

A multi-cultural fan engagement platform aimed at specifically connecting with Hispanic/Latino baseball fans, the program debuted in August 2017 in select MiLB markets, including Las Vegas.

Nearly two-thirds of Minor League teams are participating in the initiative this year — the largest percentage of clubs in the five-year history of the program — and the logos, uniforms and identities are as vibrant than ever. 

On select game days, the Aviators transform into Las Vegas Reyes de Plata (“Silver Kings’’) and take the field celebrating the city and state’s pioneering history at the forefront of the precious metal mining business that continues to define the Silver State today. Team members don uniforms bearing the Reyes de Plata logo that features a miner carrying a pickaxe with a sugar skull reminiscent of Día de los Muertos celebrations.  

The Aviators will continue to transform into Las Vegas Reyes de Plata during Tuesday home games at Las Vegas Ballpark through August 24 (July 6, 20; August 3, 10, 24). So if you are interested in witnessing this fun and lively transformation for yourself, check it out here.

Best of all, it’s easy to get to and from Las Vegas Ballpark with an RTC transit stop right in front via Route 206 – Charleston and the Sahara Express. For information on routes, visit

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