It’s Work Zone Safety Awareness Week: What You Need to Know to Save Lives

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Did you know that more drivers and passengers are affected by work zone injuries and fatalities than roadway workers?

To remind drivers to be mindful when encountering work zones, National Work Zone Awareness Week wrapped up this week (April 11-15, 2022) to bring special attention to safety and driving tips that could help save a life.

Unfortunately, work zones are among the most dangerous places to drive due to altered traffic patterns, poor visibility and other hazards and distractions.

In 2019, 762 fatal crashes occurred in work zones, killing 135 roadway workers. This year, in an effort to create safer roadways in our community alongside roadside workers and most importantly to eliminate roadway fatalities, we are sharing some driving tips to protect our roadside workers while you are on the road!

Be Alert and Expect the Unexpected

One of the most important ways to prevent accidents in work zones is to dedicate your full attention to the roadway. This means avoid using your cell phone, changing the song on your playlist or eating.

You will want to slow down to the posted speed limit, keep your eyes on the road and be watchful for roadway workers, their equipment and vehicles on the side of the road, as they may enter your lane unexpectedly.

Know Before You Go

Another way to prevent accidents in work zones is to be prepared ahead of time. By checking online maps like our Seeing Orange Construction Projects map, you can see in advance if you should expect delays and plan to leave earlier to reach your destination on time.

Merge and Change Lanes Safely

While driving in work zones often you will need to merge or change lanes. Change lanes only where pavement markings indicate and only when traffic conditions allow you to merge well before you reach the lane closure.

Work Zones at Night

While driving at night you will want to turn on your headlights and slow down. It is important to be on the lookout for warning lights and any reflective gear, helmets or vests.

Beware of Flaggers

Flaggers are often used to direct traffic in work zone areas. It is important to be alert of flaggers on the road at all times and follow their directions.

Most importantly, remember to be patient. Roadside workers are an invaluable asset in our community as they work tirelessly to maintain and improve the roads we use every day. For more information about roadway safety and current projects in Southern Nevada, visit

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