Hop on the RTC and Dream Doughy Delights on National Donut Day!

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How lucky can we be? Turns out there are two National Donut Days! One is November 5 while the other is the first Friday in June. Two whole days to ignore that internal voice that says “go for the healthier option” and instead indulge in those circles of deep fried dough covered with tempting treats.

In addition to the tried and true donut experiences like Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme, Las Vegas boasts a multitude of shops for delectably delicious donuts. And fortunately “Eater Las Vegas” put together a handy list of The 16 Most Delectable Donut Shops in Las Vegas. Here are just a few. Be sure to check with your favorite donut shop to see if they are offering any specials for donut day! Then sit back and enjoy the ride on the RTC while you dream of doughy delights. 

Hop on the RTC Bus Routes 106 or 220 to get to Dee’s Donuts at 6441 N Durango Drive where you’ll want to nab not only several donuts but melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon buns and bear claws.

Pink Box Donuts

PinkBox Doughnuts at 7531 W. Lake Mead Blvd. is the place to go for full-on donut decadence with S’mores, Fat Elvis, chipotle caramel, red velvet, maple bacon bars, or strawberry shortcake. Get there via RTC Bus Route 210 or 121.

The Donut Bar at 124 S 6th St. in downtown Las Vegas is the place for favorite concoctions like “Big Poppa Tart,” mud pie, maple Bourbon, Boston crème and apple fritter donuts. The BHX stops directly on the corner, or take one of the many stops at the Bonneville Transit Center.


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