Honoring our transit heroes: Transit Employee Appreciation Day

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On March 18, the RTC honored the backbone of public transit: employees. Transit Employee Appreciation Day acknowledges the dedication and hard work of drivers, mechanics, security officers, and maintenance crew members who play a vital role in keeping our city moving.

The atmosphere was filled with warmth as RTC and our contractors showered transit heroes with treats and tokens of gratitude.

Transit workers are the unsung heroes of our cities. They ensure that commuters reach their destinations safely and on time, maintain the vehicles that transport us, and uphold security measures that keep everyone protected. They connect people to opportunities, healthcare, education, and leisure. Their dedication to their work goes beyond the call of duty, often working long hours and working through various challenges to provide seamless transit services.

Their commitment and resilience, especially during challenging times, deserve not just a day of appreciation but year-round acknowledgment. Let's remember to continue thanking transit workers for their invaluable contributions. Whether it's a simple “thank you” or a kind gesture, every acknowledgment supports their efforts to keep our community moving forward.

Watch this short video to see how we celebrated.

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