Hispanic Heritage Month: Food

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They say the way to a (wo)man’s heart is through the stomach, so what better way to immerse yourself in Hispanic culture this Hispanic Heritage Month than by trying some delicious authentic dishes? Take a bite of ropa vieja, arepas, tacos and more at some of these restaurants:  

Head over to Havana Grill Cuban Restaurant & Bakery and taste one of the most popular entrees in Cuban cuisine called ropa veja, which translates to “old clothes.” This traditional dish is made of thinly shredded beef simmered with garlic, bell peppers, and onions in a tomato wine sauce. RTC routes 110 and 111 can get you there!

Check out some Venezuelan food at Viva Las Arepas and see why this dish is so popular in many Latin American countries. Arepas are flat cakes made of cornmeal and stuffed with different types of meats. The Deuce and routes 401, 206, and 207 can help get you there!

Try El Salvador’s national dish – the pupusa – at the Salvadoreno Restaurant on 720 N Main St. Similar to arepas, a pupusa is a thick griddle cake made of cornmeal that is stuffed with cheese, chicken, pork or refried beans accompanied with a side of “curtido” spicy cabbage slaw and tomato salsa. Need a ride? Take routes 214 or 401 to get there.

If you are looking to try authentic Argentinian food, hop on over to Rincón de Buenos Aires Restaurant. Start your meal by savoring an empanada stuffed with meat, followed by a plate of “asado de vacio” flap meat with a side of chimichurri sauce. RTC routes 203 and 103 can get you there.

There is no doubt that tacos are one of the most popular Mexican meals to eat. Stop by Tacos el Gordo de Tijuana B.C. and get a taco made with top-grade meats like carne asada, topped with fresh ingredients and salsas. Even their corn tortillas are handmade daily! Routes 108, 206, 208, BHX, 218, 110 and the Deuce will get you to these delicious tacos!

With so many different Hispanic restaurants to try in town, remember that food is an important element in people’s cultures as it retains cultural identity. Trying new foods gives you a taste of these countries’ resources, from agriculture, to beliefs, and techniques used to prepare the foods.

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