Heroes don’t always wear capes – some of them drive buses

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People go to work expecting a normal day, but sometimes bus drivers go the extra mile to help their passengers. RTC bus drivers share some of their transit tales where they showed exemplary service.

On any given day, bus drivers see hundreds of passengers. Unless you have photographic memory, it would be very difficult to remember everyone who rides RTC buses. But Travis Daniels goes above and beyond to recognize the faces that board his bus, especially his frequent passengers. His dedication to building relationships with riders proved to be extremely helpful during an incident that could have ended in tragedy.

Like any other day, Travis welcomed on board an elderly passenger who, through conversation he learned, has early signs of dementia. Travis noticed she didn’t get off at her usual stop.  Eventually, the customer realized she was lost and Travis didn’t hesitate to jump into action, after realizing she did not have a cell phone. He called his road supervisor and stayed with the passenger until he got there. Thanks to Travis, his passenger got where she needed to go safely.

Bus drivers’ instincts and willingness to help has proven to be beneficial in many situations. Helen Becton extended a helping hand to a rider waiting at a bus stop. She was driving Route 102 on Jones Boulevard when she saw a rider with several bags of groceries waiting for the bus. Helen’s instinct told her the customer needed help escaping the heat before her groceries spoiled. Helen got out of the bus and helped the passenger bring her groceries on board. The rider was very thankful, showing that an act of kindness can have a huge impact on someone’s life.

Drivers cannot predict how their day will pan out or who they will help but they never hesitate to step up and assist the most vulnerable transit riders. Such was the case when Kenisha Spencer was driving Route 115 on Nellis Boulevard when she noticed a legally blind passenger needed help. The rider, who had missed her stop, told Kenisha she didn’t want to cross the street while it was dark.  Kenisha called a supervisor to help, then also called the customer’s mother to help coordinate a location to meet in order to get the passenger home safe.

The stories mentioned above highlight three drivers who have gone above and beyond to help transit riders in need but acts of kindness, like these, are happening every day.  If you ride the bus, don’t be afraid to greet your driver. You never know if they’ll be helping you next.  

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