HAWK Signals 101

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You may have come across a new piece of technology as you cruise through our valley streets. High Intensity Activated Cross Walks (HAWK) are traffic signals that allow pedestrians to cross the road safely in high-traffic locations. Unlike regular traffic signals, HAWK beacons stay dark until activated by a pedestrian when ready to cross the street.

Here is everything you need to know about HAWK beacons to make our roads safer for everyone.

Like a regular traffic light, HAWK beacons warn drivers to prepare to stop with a yellow light.

If you’re a driver:

Once the light turns red, you must come to a complete stop and wait for pedestrians or cyclists to safely cross the street. The HAWK beacon will then begin to flash red. This means drivers must stop first, then proceed with caution after pedestrians and cyclists have crossed the street.

If you’re a pedestrian:

Remember that the HAWK beacon will remain dark until you activate it. To do this, press the button and wait for the WALK signal. Always remember to watch for cars before crossing. A countdown will signal how much time you have left to cross, just like a regular crosswalk.

There are currently four HAWK beacons installed across the valley:

– In front of Green Valley High School (recently installed as part of the City of Henderson’s Pedestrian Improvement Project)            

– E. Sahara between Maryland Pkwy and Burnham

– College Drive near Foothill High School

-On Valle Verde near Greenspun Junior High School

Keep an eye out for these innovative new systems. They’re one more tool pedestrians and drivers can use to make our roads safer.

For a visual representation on how HAWK beacons work, watch the informative video below from the City of Phoenix.


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