Dusk 2 Dawn: RTC joins community partners to launch pedestrian safety campaign

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Did you know that 80 percent of pedestrian deaths occur from dusk to dawn? It’s a difficult statistic to digest, which is why we’re joining community partners to raise pedestrian safety awareness as we head into longer nights with the end of Daylight Saving. The Dusk 2 Dawn campaign officially launched at Sunrise Hospital today where advocates, community partners, medical professionals, law enforcement, and businesses came together to remind all road users to be seen and in predictable locations.

“It is absolutely gut wrenching every single time someone loses their life on our roads,” said RTC CEO MJ Maynard.  “We remain committed to safety for all road users and many of our efforts call for collaboration with our local governments and our community. This campaign is just one testament of the team work necessary to provide safe transportation and critical education to all Southern Nevadans.”

To help with nighttime visibility, 70 convenient stores on the eight roads which had the most critical and fatal pedestrian crashes from 2016 to 2018 will display important road safety information and distribute reflective slap bands to customers on foot beginning November 1, the day of the time change, for as long as supplies last. This comes just in time for Day of Pedestrian Awareness on Monday, November 2, 2020.

The campaign will be on display at bus shelter ads throughout the valley, inside RTC buses and on gas-pump toppers at all local Terrible’s locations.

The focus corridors for the campaign are:

  • Boulder Hwy from Lake Mead Pkwy to Sahara Ave
  • Tropicana Ave from Boulder Hwy to Jones Blvd
  • Flamingo Rd from Boulder Hwy to Decatur Ave
  • Desert Inn Rd from Nellis Blvd to Paradise Rd
  • Sahara Ave from Lamb Blvd to Decatur Ave
  • Charleston Blvd from Nellis Blvd to Rainbow Blvd
  • Lake Mead Blvd from Nellis Blvd to Decatur Ave
  • Maryland Pkwy from Russell Rd to Sahara Ave

A third of our overall daily passenger trips occur between 5 p.m. and 6 a.m., the darkest hours of the day and the eight focus areas targeted by this campaign happen to be located along some of our busiest bus routes.

Effective lighting is one critical element to being seen from dusk to dawn. That’s why the majority of our more than 3,300 bus stops have some type of lighting. This is an ongoing process as we continue to upgrade and install lighting system-wide.

In addition to lighting efforts, we have pushed back all the bus stops we could with the available right-of-way. We are working with private property owners to acquire the necessary right-of-way to push back more stops.

Visit www.pedsafe.vegas for more information, including an interactive map of 2019 and 2020 pedestrian fatality locations.

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