Communities in Schools supports RTC-CCSD partnership

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Communities In Schools of Southern Nevada has a singular mission:  to keep kids in school through graduation so they are better prepared to succeed in life.  We do this by enveloping students with wraparound services from more than 100 nonprofit partners throughout the state. 

Whether a student needs glasses, dental work, housing, food, mental health counseling, or just a trusted adult to be their cheerleader, advisor and advocate, we work to get kids what they need to learn and stay in school. We currently serve more than 80,000 statewide students of which more than 60,000 are in Southern Nevada.

Transportation to and from school is obviously one of those critical needs that can make the difference between staying in school and dropping out.  And that’s why Communities In Schools applauds the new partnership between Clark County School District and the RTC in which the RTC is providing free transit to select high school students in Southern Nevada. 

The nationwide labor shortage, which has resulted in bus driver shortages across the country, including right here in Clark County, has created real challenges for many families and students.  If our students don’t have reliable, safe and free transportation to and from school, then we have failed as a community.  

This new program, which frees up CCSD bus drivers to be redirected to elementary and middle schools in need of more drivers, will transport approximately 4,000 students at 15 high schools.  We are proud to note that five of those schools are part of the Communities In Schools family.  Since RTC buses run continuously, participating students can still catch a ride home even if they stay late for after-school sports and extracurricular activities. For our students and their families, this is a game-changer. 

Thank you, RTC, for helping our kids be where they need to be – at school!

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