Coming Soon: MORE Services, MORE Routes, MORE Frequency

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Thanks to federal stimulus funding, the RTC is working to bring back transit service that was lost due to the financial impacts from COVID-19. On August 8, Southern Nevada residents will see MORE Services, MORE Routes, and MORE Frequency to reconnect you to everything throughout the valley.

MORE Services
The RTC of Southern Nevada will be adding a new microtransit service, RTC-OnDemand zone to serve remaining transit gaps and supplement fixed-route service for short trips. RTC-OnDemand will start by serving the southwest and West Henderson areas. You can visit the new Raiders training facility, The M Resort, or the many new eateries in the area, all via an app or by calling ahead.

MORE Routes
We will be adding two new routes in the Las Vegas valley, Route 220 (Ann/Tropical) and Route 221 (Cactus/Horizon Ridge/Boulder City). These new routes will allow travel to newly developed areas in the valley, increasing accessibility to all passengers. With new routes to these areas, you can experience the beautiful areas of Skye Canyon and Mountains Edge or play some Bingo at Southpoint or M Resort! 

MORE Frequency
In an effort to decrease wait times and make public transit more efficient, the RTC has increased frequency on the following stops: 

  • Route 119 (Simmons/Koval)
  • Route 203 (Spring Mountain/Desert Inn/Lamb) 
  • Route 207 (Alta/Stewart)
  • Route 209 (Vegas/Owens)
  • Route 210 (Lake Mead)

Follow us on social media for a sneak peek of the community events coming up the week prior, to promote the service changes:

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