Black History Month: A celebration of Black culture, triumph, and accomplishments

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Black History Month, a time to honor the achievements of African Americans and recognize the impact of their contributions on society throughout our history. It is a celebration of Black culture rooted in stories of struggle, perseverance, and triumph.

It was Carter G. Woodson, a historian, author and journalist, who sought to bring attention to the Black experience and the historic contributions of Black people. He thought African American contributions were “overlooked, ignored, and even suppressed by the writers of history textbooks and the teachers who use them.”

Woodson fervently believed that Black people should be proud of their heritage and all Americans should understand and celebrate the achievements of Black Americans, and in 1926, he launched Negro History Week in the second week of February, which was later expanded into Black History Month in 1976, that we observed the month of February today.

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