Bike to school safety tips

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It’s back-to-school time throughout Southern Nevada, and as more kids bike to school, it is important to remember these bike safety tips for drivers and cyclists.


The most important thing a driver can do to be a responsible road user is to slow down. Speed limits are limits, NOT minimums. Most crashes between cars and people riding bikes can be avoided by simply obeying the speed limit.


If you intend to pass a cyclist while driving, slow down and ensure it is safe to pass. Scan ahead to ensure no oncoming drivers. When passing a cyclist, be sure to give plenty of room. Nevada law requires drivers to change lanes when passing a cyclist. If another lane is not available, you must maintain a minimum of 3 feet of distance between your car and the cyclist. If you are unable to leave at least 3 feet of space, then it is not safe to pass the cyclist and you should wait until it becomes safe.


Every person riding a bike, regardless of age, should wear a helmet that fits properly. The Eyes-Ears-Mouth method will help you remember how to adjust the helmet and straps.

  1. Eyes: You should be able to see the front edge of the helmet.
  2. Ears: The sliders should be moved up to form a “V” just under the ear lobes.
  3. Mouth: The chin strap should fit snugly enough that opening the mouth widely will move the helmet.


It is important to be as visible as possible when cycling. Ride in areas where you can be easily seen, and wear brightly colored clothing to enhance your visibility. Use a front white light, and a rear red light, and reflectors when riding, especially at dusk or dawn.

By following these tips, we can help ensure everyone is safe on the road.



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