Beat traffic by biking: tips on cycling to work

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Guest Blog: Club Ride

Biking to work is a fun way to stay active, save money, and care for our planet. This change to your everyday commute can contribute to moving the needle in HUGE ways. The members of RTC’s Club Ride Commuter Services program reduce 1 lb. of greenhouse gas per mile by biking to and from work or school!

Here’s why you should #bikethere, as well as a few tips to get started!

Reduce your carbon footprint

As Southern Nevada roadways get more congested, it is our responsibility to look for innovative ways to make commuting less of a drag. Choosing to bike not only helps the environment, but also clears our roadways!

Move your body, shape your future

Investing time in moderate exercise benefits your physical AND mental health. Have you ever thought, “Wow, that’s exactly what I needed!” after a nice workout? Biking is also linked to better gut, heart, and brain health

Let’s hit the streets!

Practice your route

Give yourself time a few days prior to get familiar with the route you want to take. Is there a safer way to go with more bike lanes? Is there a quicker way to go with less interruptions? Know these things beforehand.

Light up the way

For our night riders, try to wear bright/reflective clothing and make sure your bike has lighting! Having a bell on your bike is also helpful to ensure your surroundings are aware of you.

Lower the intensity

Avoid getting to your destination sweaty by biking on a lower intensity and carrying a few items to freshen up. Remember, it is best to start your route feeling more on the cool side because you’re going to heat up!

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