#Ask5: Local organization encourages mental health check-ins

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Guest written by Hope Means Nevada

During this time when we are all physically isolated, a local organization is urging you to check in on loved ones, as it could save a life.

Hope Means Nevada, a mental-health-focused movement, has launched in the midst of COVID-19 to help those struggling with mental illness.

Its current mission is to encourage the community to reach out to five people to ask how they are really feeling. As 1 in 5 people struggle with thoughts of suicide, asking five people how they are doing is bound to help one person feel less alone.

Local celebrities and members of the community have already started the movement by sharing their message using the hashtag #Ask5 or “Llamea5” in Spanish.

Our state is greatly affected by mental illness. Nevada has one of the highest suicide rates and received an F grade due to the high prevalence of youth with mental health illnesses and youth experiencing depressive episodes.

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing that 75% of adults have felt nervous, anxious or on edge when thinking about the pandemic.

The impact is greater than we could have predicted, with 70% of adults experiencing stress in direct relation to the pandemic, in comparison to 61% during the 2009 recession.

While the organization’s mission will extend long after social distancing is over, now is the time to speak openly and honestly about mental health.

Checking in with friends and family during this time could lead to the conversation that saves a life.

If you or your organization would like to further this mission, please consider donating today. 

You can learn more at hopemeansnevada.org, and you can follow the movement on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @HopeMeansNevada.

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