A special day for the valley’s special transit drivers

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Transit Driver Appreciation Day couldn’t come at a better time. Wednesday, March 18 marked a day we say ‘thank you’ to our drivers who continue to show up to work and take riders where they need to go, especially right now, during a global health crisis hitting close to home. They’re the friendly faces you see each and every day on your transit routes. They greet you, check fares, give directions, answer your questions, and more… all while maneuvering a large vehicle through the streets of Southern Nevada.

The agency understands that our contractors’ drivers play a crucial role in helping to move more than 65 million passengers a year. These drivers have a lot on their plate on any given day. After all, it takes a lot to keep the wheels rolling on the nation’s 12th largest bus transit system. We’re talking about more than 400 vehicles and nearly 40 transit routes. We appreciate the drivers’ commitment, passion and customer service that transports our residents and visitors safely throughout the entire community. We’re not the only ones who feel that way though. While Transit Driver Appreciation Day is once a year, remember that it’s always a good time to say thank you!

Watch the video below to hear customers give their special shout outs to drivers:

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