4 Transit Safety Tips for National Safety Month

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June is National Safety Month, and the RTC’s Safety and Security team wants to help you stay safe while riding transit!

The safety and security of our riders and drivers are priorities for the RTC. In the last several years, we have invested more than $21 million in safety and security enhancements that include state-of-the-art cameras on all buses, a live camera look-in feature for law enforcement, and more than 200 security officers who patrol buses, stops and transit centers and can be dispatched immediately to reported incidents.

In honor of National Safety Month, the Safety & Security team is sharing their four safety tips to help you stay protected as you travel around the valley:

  • Know your schedule

Know when the bus is coming to limit the time waiting at a stop, especially at night. Purchase your pass on the rideRTC app and plan your trip in advance. Through the app, you can also locate the next bus in real-time.

  • Practice general safety

Riding the bus is a great way to get around. It’s safe, affordable, and better for the environment, but as with any travel, it’s important to know the rules of transit. Your ride will likely include a walk to or from your bus stop, but never run after or next to a moving bus. Additionally, we remind riders to be seen by standing in front or next to the transit stop or shelters and wearing reflective colors.

  • Stay alert

While millions of people ride public transportation every day, it is wise to always stay alert when riding transit. Wear only one headphone, be aware of your surroundings, and if something doesn’t seem right, alert the driver or security.

  • Report concerns

If you feel like something is not safe, report the issue to your driver, wait for a stop that is busy, or change your seat. DO NOT get off at a stop where you feel unsafe. You can also utilize the Transit Watch feature, which can be accessed through the rideRTC app, to report suspicious behavior, unusual situations, or safety concerns. Just click on the Transit Watch banner on the app’s home screen for an easy way to communicate suspicious activity.

Want to learn more about how we’re continually working to keep your ride safe? Visit rtcsnv.com.

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