3 reasons why you should travel GREEN one day a month

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Guest writer from Club Ride.

Driving alone is not it.

To encourage Southern Nevada residents to try environmentally-friendly ways of getting to work or school, Club Ride has launched “One Day a Month,” a campaign to promote innovative travel options in our changing world with LESS hassle.

Besides the obvious reasons for green commuting, like reducing traffic and improving air quality, two of Club Ride’s founding principles, green commuting comes with plenty of other benefits like leading a healthier life, saving, and helping someone caught in a rut.

Keep reading to learn 3 reasons why YOU should green commute One Day A Month and join the movement.

Travel green, save some green. 💸

Money doesn’t grow on trees (we wish it did)! According to the Pew Research Center, the average American driver buys 570 gallons of gas per year, costing about $2,000. With the price of gas also being unpredictable, it seems financially responsible to adopt one green commute at least one day a month. You may even end up loving it, committing to more days, and saving bigger!


Burn calories while you’re at it! 🚲

Did you know biking counts as a green commute, AND you can report it with Club Ride? Other surprising options include working from home, short work weeks, motorcycling, and Uber/Lyft (report these as carpools). Grabbing your bike and hitting the road at a moderate pace can cut you up to 300 calories in 30 minutes! Other benefits include improved joint function, better heart health, and a greater appreciation for the environment around you.

If you don’t own a bike, check out RTC Bike Share and see what stations are near you!

Mental health matters, too. 🧠

Besides contributing to the stop of climate change, improving accessibility to affordable transportation, and less reliance on fuels, your mental health benefits from choosing a green commute! Sitting in your car alone is the least healthy way to commute. The rise in traffic congestion in Southern Nevada is stressful to drivers, travel time to work can induce anxiety, and the fumes from gas don’t have great benefits either.

Choosing a green commute one day a month and beyond can improve your mood, health, and life contentment. Gone are the worries of paying for gas daily, too much alone time, and a large carbon footprint!

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