Explore the possibilities

The goal of the TIBP has been to identify which transportation and infrastructure options will best connect our city, serve our visitors and residents and lay the foundation for a more economically diverse future. Imagine if:

  • Public transportation could effortlessly whisk business travelers from the Las Vegas Convention Center to their hotel room, a restaurant or a show.
  • Mobile apps could give real-time transit status updates and offer mobile ticketing and taxi reservations.
  • Visitors could have a safer and more pleasant walking experience.
  • Residents and visitors alike could use a seamless, multi-modal transportation network to easily and conveniently access McCarran Airport, Las Vegas Blvd, Downtown and the convention centers, UNLV and more..

Las Vegas—a destination known for its one-of-a-kind visitor experience—has the potential to create a state-of-the-art transportation system that is the envy of other cities and a unique experience in itself.

What are the solutions identified in the TIBP?

The solutions identified in the TIBP encompass five categories: high-capacity transit solutions, surface road improvements, freeway improvements and pedestrian improvements, in addition to public policy actions and programs to support the most effective use of existing infrastructure. 

These five critical and complementary types of recommendations are then grouped into seven “suites” of projects organized by specific mobility needs. These include:

  • Project Suite 1: Enhance visitor mobility between McCarran International Airport, the Resort Corridor and Downtown
  • Project Suite 2: Improve pedestrian safety and mobility along Las Vegas Boulevard
  • Project Suite 3: Improve connections between convention and event facilities
  • Project Suite 4: Improve connectivity between the Core Area and workforce population centers
  • Project Suite 5: Improve Core Area access from I-15
  • Project Suite 6: Improve Downtown circulation and access
  • Project Suite 7: Implement policies and programs that support transportation infrastructure coordination and implementation


Click here to see the solutions proposed in the Plan for transforming transportation options in Las Vegas.