Building a community commitment

A plan to ensure a city’s long-term growth is relevant and enduring only if the leaders of the community commit to developing and supporting it. That’s why when we set out to address Las Vegas’ mobility and infrastructure challenges, we involved community leaders from business, government, resort and destination partners and a variety of business groups in Southern Nevada throughout the process. Together we acknowledged what many others also realize: If Las Vegas is to stabilize its economy, protect its competitive position in the meetings and conventions market and continue to grow tourism and the jobs it supports, we cannot ignore the growing infrastructure problems we face.

The planning process.

The TIBP reflects more than 18 months of rigorous research and analysis conducted by local and national experts in engineering, economics, finance, real estate development, transportation, and urban planning, drawing from broad discussions with stakeholders across the region. 

The process was guided by a Steering Committee to advise and lead our exploration of infrastructure improvements. We also brought together systems committees focused on the complexities of urbanization, economics and transportation to offer input and expertise on how these factors all work together to shape a city’s identity. Additional insights were developed through ongoing meetings with those most impacted by the plan’s direction, especially resort operators, university representatives and local government officials.

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