Disparity Study
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Disparity Study

Welcome to the 2015 Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada Disparity Study web page. This page provides information about:

  • Disparity study background and purpose;
  • Disparity study progress and next steps; and
  • How you can actively engage in the disparity study process.


Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTCSNV) is part of a consortium that has retained BBC Research & Consulting (BBC) to conduct a disparity study that will provide information to help each participating entity implement the Federal Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Program. The study includes analyses of the participation of minorityand women-owned businesses in prime contracts and subcontracts that each participating entity awarded during the study period (Oct 1, 2010 through Sept 30, 2014). Other members of the consortium include Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTCWC), McCarran International Airport (McCarran), and Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority (RTAA). For the purposes of the study, those agencies and institutions are referred to as “participating entities.”

In addition, RTCSNV operates the Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program for certain United States Department of Transportation (USDOT)-funded contracts. RTCSNV can use information from the study to refine future implementations of the Federal DBE Program. The study kicked off in August 2015 and is expected to be complete by July 31, 2017. Learn more about the study schedule details.

Purpose of the Study

The 2015 RTCSNV Disparity Study will include a comprehensive analysis of:

  • The percentage of total relevant construction, professional services, goods, and other services contract dollars that minority- and women-owned businesses received on prime contracts and subcontracts between Oct 1, 2010 and Sept 30, 2014 (referred to as utilization);
  • The percentage of dollars that those businesses would be expected to receive based on their availability to perform work on such prime contracts and subcontracts (referred to as availability);
  • Any differences between the participation of minority- and women-owned businesses in relevant contracts and the availability of those businesses to perform that work (referred to as disparities);  Legal considerations surrounding implementation of each RTCSNV’s Federal DBE Program;
  • Marketplace conditions for minorities, women, and minority- and women-owned businesses;
  • Contracting practices and assistance programs that RTCSNV currently has in place; and
  • Potential program measures that RTCSNV could consider implementing as part of its implementation of the federal DBE program or other small business programs.

Key Contacts

If you have any questions or comments regarding the 2015 State of Nevada Disparity Study, please contact:

Tonita Brown
DBE Liaison 
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
600 S. Grand Central Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Email: brownt@rtcsnv.com
Phone: (702) 676-1507

Study Progress

The RTC will provide regular updates about recently completed milestones and next steps throughout the course of the disparity study. Please check back periodically for those updates.

Project initiation
The RTC and the BBC study team initiated the 2015 Disparity Study in an August 2015 meeting in Las Vegas. The study team met with representatives from the RTC to introduce the study and to answer questions. Learn more about the Project Initiation Meeting Presentation.

Utilization data collection
BBC began working with The RTC in late August 2015 to collect data on contracts that were awarded during the study period and on vendors that participated in those contracts.

Next Steps

Continue utilization data collection
The BBC study team will continue to work with RTCSNV to collect data on construction, professional services, goods, and other services contracts that participating entities awarded during the study period.

Begin utilization data analysis
The study team will begin analyzing utilization data in late 2015. BBC’s analysis will examine the percentage of total construction, professional services, goods, and other services contract dollars that minority- and women-owned businesses received on prime contracts and subcontracts during the study period.

Availability surveys
BBC will begin conducting availability surveys in late 2015. For the RTC, the study team will attempt to contact all businesses in the “relevant geographic market area” that perform work that is relevant to the entity’s construction, professional services, goods, and other services contracts. The study team will collect information that is relevant to determining each business’ availability for the entity’s work, such as primary line of work; geographic scope of services; and qualifications and interest in working for the RTC. The surveys will also collect information about business characteristics such as revenue, size, and race/ethnicity, and gender of ownership.

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