POTENTIAL 2015 RTC ADA Paratransit Service Area

The below map is intended to assist current RTC Paratransit riders with  planning their future transportation needs as the RTC Board of Commissioners recently approved plans to restrict eligibility to persons residing within the current Paratransit service area starting July 2015.

Effective July 2015, the RTC will align the Paratransit service area with the area served by the RTC’s regular transit service, within the guidelines of the ADA. The RTC will no longer provide service to clients who live beyond the RTC’s service area. Additionally, the RTC’s Paratransit service hours of operation will be aligned with regular transit service. As a result, service will be eliminated in some neighborhoods in the overnight hours.

NOTE: This 2015 proposed map is subject to change and is intended to serve as a tool, allowing RTC Paratransit riders the opportunity to see if their address is currently within the proposed 2015 Paratransit service area†. Your address will appear on the map and it will denote if you are in or out of the service area. To get started type in your address, including city, below and click on “find.” Please contact RTC Customer Service at (702) 228-4800 or TDD (702) 676-1834 if you require further assistance.

Paratransit clients taking Medicaid authorized trips do not need to present fare payment as trips are being paid for by the State of Nevada. Medicaid clients should contact their caseworker to determine which trips will be authorized.

Paratransit clients ride for free on any of the RTC fixed route vehicles, just show your ADA Paratransit I.D. Card.


† The service area displayed on this map showcases routes that are scheduled to continue to stay in existence. It is possible that routes will be changed or routes may stay the same as of July 2015, therefore changing the scope of the RTC’s Paratransit service area.