School Walk Audits

The School Walk Audits project, led in partnership by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) and Clark County School District (CCSD), developed 15 new Safe Routes to School (SRTS) audits and updated 50 audits previously completed.  A Working Group comprised of approximately 15 members including CCSD staff, local jurisdictions, school crossing guards, and law enforcement guided the development of recommendations. SRTS is a federal program to address the decline in walking and biking, which has had an adverse effect on traffic congestion and air quality around schools as well as pedestrian and bicycle safety. SRTS programs can enhance children’s health and well-being and improve community members’ overall quality of life.

School sites were selected by CCSD based on SRTS program participation, support from school administration, and geographic diversity.  School administrators, teachers, parents, community members, and other volunteers met at a school site to observe walking and biking conditions and document factors that hinder safely walking and biking to and from school. The project team reviewed challenges and identified site-specific recommendations to improve safety.

The School Walk Audits project is aligned with the goals of Southern Nevada Strong (SNS), a community-driven regional plan, including the goal to increase transportation choice. SNS specifically calls out funding all aspects of Safe Routes to Schools programs as a strategy.


Fact Sheets about the School Walk Audits project are available below:

Final reports for the 15 schools selected to participate in school walk audits are available below:

A final evaluation report for the CCSD Safe Routes to School Program, including recommendations from the previously completed 50 walk audits is available below:

Project Schedule

Conduct School Audits (Round 1) March – April 2016
Review & Update Previously Completed (50) Audits May – August 2016
Conduct School Audits (Round 2) September – October 2016
Draft Report October – December 2016

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