Complete Streets

About Complete Streets
In an effort to promote the use of all transportation modes and make Southern Nevada a more sustainable place to live, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) is conducting a regional Complete Streets Initiative.

Complete Streets Design Guidelines for Livable Communities (PDF)

Policy For Complete Streets (PDF)

What is a Complete Street?

  • A road designed to be safe for all users.
  • Includes design features that aim to make streets pleasant places for all users.
  • Users include car drivers, transit riders, pedestrians of all ages and abilities, and bicyclists.

Complete Streets Benefits

  • Make walking, biking, and transit riding more attractive.
  • Improve travel options for groups that have limited access to cars.
  • Improve safety of various modes.
  • Increase the likelihood of physical activity.
  • Reduce air quality emissions.
  • Improve the economic situation for communities.