Proposed Downtown Las Vegas Multi-Modal Transportation Project

The City of Las Vegas and the RTC are working on a number of projects to improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the downtown area.  As an expansion of these efforts, the City has started to look at ways of improving Main Street for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit riders.

After reviewing options, including a consideration of traffic flow, it was decided that the conversion of Main Street to a one-way couplet would be a way of achieving both goals.  This had the added advantage of upgrading Commerce Street, which now just provides local access through an economically marginal light industrial area.  Under this concept, Main Street would become a two-lane northbound street with widened sidewalks and bike lanes, while southbound travel would use Commerce Street.  The result would upgrade the overall amenity of the area and meet the needs of pedestrians and bicyclists while also achieving a modest increase in the carrying capacity of the roadway.

 TIGER Application Submittals

RTC – Multi-Modal – Project Narrative
Multi-Modal – Letters of Support

Multi-Modal – Appendix A – Benefit-Cost

Supporting Documents

Downtown Multi-Modal Fact Sheet
Downtown Multi-Modal Design Documents
Downtown Multi-Modal Design Documents – II
FTA NEPA Approval Email