Infrastructure Week2016


National Infrastructure Week, May 16-23, 2016, is a national week of events and education efforts to elevate infrastructure as a critical issue impacting all Nevadans.

Why Does Infrastructure Matter?

Roadway infrastructure matters because it reduces congestion, improves safety and creates jobs. Our community is growing, and our infrastructure needs to grow with it. By 2025, our population is expected to increase by 35%, from 2 million to 2.7 million, and our annual visitor volume by 26%, from 42.3 million to 53.1 million.

Hear from Southern Nevadans about why infrastructure matters to them and why infrastructure is important to our community.

Learn About Recent Safety Improvement Projects

Learn About Recent Congestion Improvement Projects

Learn How Infrastructure Projects Create Jobs

Background Information

Every year we fail to adequately invest in our infrastructure, the United States becomes less competitive, our economy grows more slowly, and families and businesses lose valuable time and money. The goods we manufacture cost more when they get stuck on congested highways, rerouted around structurally deficient bridges, and stranded at outdated ports. Continued reliance on World War II era technology and airports that lack sufficient capacity cause U.S. consumers to skip travel, costing the economy tens of billions of dollars each year. And, our failure to invest in our infrastructure ripples throughout the economy: for every $1 invested in infrastructure nearly, $2 in output is created – putting our friends and neighbors to work.

Every dollar we invest in infrastructure is an investment in our neighborhoods, and our future. Due to roads that are in poor condition and littered with potholes, U.S. drivers pay more than $500 in avoidable vehicle repairs and operating costs each year. Instead of wasting over 40 hours each year stuck in traffic jams, we could spend that time bettering our communities and creating economic opportunity. In many communities, weak links between residential and business districts result in millions of workers being underemployed because they can’t get to the jobs they want.

This is why the RTC has teamed up with hundreds of other groups around the country to participate in National Infrastructure Week 2016. We’re raising awareness about the need to invest in infrastructure, which is the backbone of our economy, locally and nationally.



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