How it Works

The RTC Bike Center is a hub for cycling activity in Downtown Las Vegas. We are open to the public and staffed from 7am to 7 pm Monday – Saturday.

We provide the following services:

  • Free bike parking for 75 bikes at a time
  • Bathrooms, showers, lockers and unlimited bike repairs with an annual $60 Premium access (see below for further info).
  • Same-day and while-you-wait bike repairs
  • Bike rentals
  • Bike parts and accessory sales
  • Free events and clinics

How to become a premium member:

Sign up and pay your yearly membership fee with a bike center attendant. You will be issued a numbered premium membership card.

Usage steps:

  1. Show your premium membership card each time you check in or check out your bike. You must also show your premium membership card when using the bathroom and shower facilities.
  2. Lock up your bike. We assume no responsibility for lost bikes or attached parts.


Rules for usage:

  • Access hours: The Bike Center is open from 7 am – 7 pm, Monday – Saturday. Overnight parking is available for up to five consecutive days at a time free of charge, after which we charge a $5 storage fee. After 10 days we reserve the right to remove possessions.
  • Respectful behavior: We ask that you respect our staff and fellow users, and we will act the same. If you feel our staff did not treat you with respect, please contact us immediately. Likewise, we reserve the right to revoke membership for inappropriate conduct.
  • Lost articles & bikes: Please lock any possessions attached to your bike or stored in a locker. We do not cover bike damage or theft.
  • Friends’ access: In order to encourage more bike commuters, you may have up to two friends park their bikes with yours. You must be present, and it should be used for guests only. Write down your card number onto hang tags attached to friends’ bikes. Their behavior is your responsibility.
  • No sharing: Your membership is for you only, and you are not allowed to share or swap access with others. This is to ensure the highest level of security for all users.


Additional Premium membership rules:

  • Bathroom usage: Please keep the bathroom as clean as you found it. We have a 10 minute time limit on the showers to ensure as many users as possible can use the facilities.
  • Locker usage: Lockers will be available to anyone storing a bike at the facility on a daily basis (you must check-out and check-in to another locker for multiple day usage). Simply notify the attendant if you plan to use a locker so that they can log you in. We may alter the usage if demand rises. Lockers that are not cleared by the end of the fifth day will be assessed a $5 fee. After 10 days we reserve the right to remove possessions.
  • Unlimited bike repairs: Receive unlimited access to free repairs by our mechanics that fall under the scope of a standard tune-up: brake adjustment, gear adjustment, bottom bracket and hub adjustment, lateral wheel true, safety check. All other repairs and all parts will be charged standard labor rates.

Where is the RTC Bike Center located? 101 E. Bonneville Ave

What is the capacity of the RTC Bike Center? 84 bikes inside and 15 outside

What are the access hours? 7 am – 7 pm, Monday – Saturday

How much will all this cost me? RTC Bike Center SignFree for general bike parking, $60 for Premium membership – giving access to bathroom & shower, lockers, and unlimited bike repairs.

Why do I need to sign-in each time I park my bike? We record each entry to monitor usage and develop pollution reduction reports. We will soon provide you access with your own usage reports.

What amenities are there? Lockers, bathroom and showers are available to Premium members only.

What kind of repairs do you do? We can complete most repairs while you work.

Can I leave my bike overnight? You may leave your bike overnight, maxing out at 10 consecutive days. After 5 consecutive days, you will be charged a daily $5 overnight charge.

Why do you discourage overnight parking? Security and usage. Some members may have work shifts that require them to park their bikes overnight and we want to make sure that they always have a space available at the Bike Center.

What if I have more than one bike? You may use other bikes than your primary one. Simply write your membership number on a provided hang tag, and attach it to your bike.

Can I park a friend’s bike with mine? You may have up to 2 friends accompany you when you park. They will attach your Bike Center member number on a hang tag with their bike

What do I do if I lose my card? Simply let us know and we’ll provide you with a new membership number.

Is my bike secure? RTC bike center is staffed during open hours and has 24-hour surveillance.

Who pays for the bike center? The RTC funds the Bike Center operations.

What happens if my bike gets damaged or stolen? We are not responsible for damage or theft to bike and accessories.