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Vegas Golden Knights fans! We are giving away two tickets to each home game this inaugural 2017-2018 season. It’s our way of saying thank you to our loyal social media friends. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for chances to win and read through the contest rules below. Good luck!


  • Prize: Two tickets to an upcoming Vegas Golden Knights home game
  • Entrant must be 18 years of age or older
  • Entrant must be able to arrange for own transportation to-and-from the game(s) at T-Mobile Arena
  • All correct answers will be entered into a pool and a random winner will be drawn
  • Only one entry per person will be counted
  • Not open to employees of RTC or their immediate relatives
  • Duration of contest: Contest period will be open from the time the question is posted on Facebook until a specified time mentioned within the post
  • Winner will be notified via social media within a reasonable time after the contest period ends
  • Winner must acknowledge that they will accept their prize by a specified time within the post. If they do not respond and accept the prize, another winner may be selected for the prize
  • Winner picked at random and cannot win if already selected a winner within the past 3 months

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rtcsnv @rtcsnv
RTC Southern Nevada  @rtcsnv
#FASTALERT 25-May-18 12:28 pm, Crash on CC-215 (Southern Beltway) Westbound after St. Rose, Right lane blocked 
RTC Southern Nevada  @rtcsnv
#FASTALERT 25-May-18 10:12 am, Traffic-signal-all-way-flash on Simmons St at W Gowan Rd, Treat as all-way stop 
RTC Southern Nevada  @rtcsnv
#FASTALERT 25-May-18 10:05 am, Crash on I-215 Westbound at Pecos South, Right lanes blocked, Expect delays 
RTC Southern Nevada  @rtcsnv
#FASTALERT 25-May-18 8:17 am, Crash on Flamingo Eastbound before Rainbow, Left lanes blocked 
RTC Southern Nevada  @rtcsnv
#FASTALERT 25-May-18 8:12 am, Crash on Las Vegas Blvd Northbound at 215 South, Left lanes blocked 
RTC Southern Nevada  @rtcsnv
#FASTALERT 25-May-18 7:30am, =UPDATE= Rampart Northbound past Alta, All lanes now OPEN 

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