Doing Business with the RTC

The Regional Transportation Commission is transitioning from manual bidding with document distribution using this web page to electronic bidding using a new regional supplier registration and e-bidding platform, the Nevada Gov eMarketplace (NGEM). During this transition, please continue to visit this page and NGEM for bid opportunities.  There is no charge to suppliers for using either service.

Current bid opportunities:

To Register with NGEM click here:





Solicitation packages may be available via the internet if they are shown above with a hyperlink. If you obtain the solicitation off the internet, it is imperative that you fill out/ and return the confirmation page immediately upon receipt, or you will not receive any additional information regarding the solicitation. If a solicitation package you are interested in is not available on the internet, you may obtain a solicitation package by sending a request to the Purchasing Representative e-mail specified. Regardless of how the solicitation document was obtained, the Bidder/Proponent is responsible to verify on this website all of addenda issued and ascertain on its solicitation response that it has received all addenda prior to submission of a solicitation response.